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WhichPLM Fifth Edition – PLM User and Project Team Survey


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For four years, WhichPLM has asked project team leaders, end users, and executives to share their unvarnished opinions on the realities of working with PLM.

Today – after four successful global data collection exercises – our survey remains the only completely unbiased measure of customer satisfaction, project success, and implementation methods for RFA PLM.

Each year that we have run these surveys (2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014) our team have been astounded by the volume and quality of responses we receive.  Retailers, brands and manufacturers around the world have consistently provided thorough, personal insights into the projects that have transformed their businesses.  These busy professionals set aside their precious time to give new PLM customers the benefits of their hindsight, and to encourage solution vendors to listen to real world experience.

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Indeed, last year WhichPLM was invited by numerous vendors to share our survey findings in both intimate boardroom sessions and in front of packed auditoriums.  More than ever before, in 2014 the companies building the future of PLM (and indeed technology for fashion in general) used our anonymised survey results to shape their roadmaps, shifting gears to create the processes and solutions the market demands.

Today, the most forward-thinking of these vendors are preparing to send our latest survey directly to their customer bases, encouraging long-standing and recent customers alike to tell WhichPLM – without the vendor’s supervision – about the positive and the negative aspects of their PLM experience.

Unfortunately, not all vendors will embrace this opportunity for transparency, and would instead prefer that their customers’ experiences remain hidden from scrutiny.

We have always tried to reach as many PLM customers as possible with each of our surveys, though, so this year’s questionnaire (the results of which will appear in a new WhichPLM print publication in late summer) is available to download directly from this page, giving any user of PLM the opportunity to make their voice heard clearly and confidentially on everything from pre-implementation planning to customer service and support.

Repeat participants will notice some subtle differences in the data we are collecting this time around – differences that will be reflected in the publication itself – but the aim remains the same as it has been for four previous years: to assemble the most complete, comprehensive and uninfluenced picture possible of PLM for retail, footwear and apparel.

In exchange for approximately 45 minutes of your time, your opinions could shape the future of PLM products and processes, as well as providing an invaluable perspective to the next generation of apparel industry professionals. No matter whether you are pre, mid or post-implementation, your responses are instrumental to the future of this industry; if you come across any sections and/or questions which don’t apply to you, simply skip past.

The WhichPLM User & Project Team Survey runs until July 1st 2015, and completed responses should be submitted via email to lydia@whichplm.com.

Any questions regarding the Survey, The WhichPLM Report: Fifth Edition, or any other aspect of our data collection and analysis practices should be directed to info@whichplm.com.

This form is now closed. Thank you to those who submitted answers. 

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