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WhichPLM releases industry defining report on PLM customer satisfaction.


Highly anticipated report from the first independent fashion PLM customer satisfaction survey launched.

WhichPLM Customer Survey Report front cover(MANCHESTER, UK, SEPTEMBER 17, 2010) Today, WhichPLM (www.whichplm.com) releases the much-awaited report from the first ever independent fashion PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) customer satisfaction survey. Available in print or for download, the report will provide the first deep, objective analysis of not only customer satisfaction of fashion PLM solutions over the past ten years, but also emerging trends and insights that will be both fascinating and valuable to PLM customers and suppliers alike.

Many high profile retailers and brands have taken to PLM solutions over the past ten years to streamline product development processes and save with cost and time efficiencies, but feedback on experiences and the actual benefits have often been limited. In April and May this year, WhichPLM (independent evaluator of PLM solutions in the fashion industry) set out to capture honest facts about the state of the industry and provide facts to suppliers on what customers want from future solutions. From an industry which now boasts around 40 solution suppliers, which are the high performers? What are customers satisfied with and how can future customers learn from these experiences?

Managing Director of the Product Development Partnership, the independent consultancy behind WhichPLM, Mark Harrop said: “I personally believe that a fashion company of any size that is considering investing in a PLM solution, now or in the future, will benefit from reading this report”.

The substantial report encompasses a huge range of valuable customer feedback and additional information, including an incredibly detailed buyer’s guide designed to help prospective PLM customers learn from the shared experiences of companies the world over. Mark Harrop commented, “I have seen too many implementations stumble at the same old hurdles when these could easily have been avoided by learning from the real past experiences of hundreds of other companies who have been there before.  This report provides not only that valuable hindsight but contains enough detail to give companies a true understanding of the capabilities and specialisations of the different solutions.

As well as compiling what we anticipate will become an industry standard reference document, WhichPLM hopes that the report will create new opportunities between better informed prospective customers and more receptive, adaptive suppliers.

There are discounts available for education and retail, brands and manufacturing companies, so for more information on how to get a copy of the report or to take part in next year’s survey, please visit www.whichplm.com/survey or email: info@whichplm.com

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