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WhichPLM Report: 5th Edition (The 3D Issue)


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WhichPLM is still taking orders for our ‘5th Edition’! Available in print, this year’s publication contains exclusive articles from industry thought leaders, interviews with the vendors, customers and pioneers shaping the future of 3D for the apparel industry, the results of our extensive PLM end user survey, detailed profiles of key players in the PLM and 3D sectors, extensive market intelligence and more. Order your copy now!

For four years WhichPLM has provided the industry with market intelligence, vendor listings, the results of our PLM customer surveys, and exclusive features – all within our Annual Reviews. We receive consistently positive feedback on these publications, with our 2013 and 2014 Reviews selling out entirely.

In order to provide the best possible experience for our readers, this year, we’ve made a few changes – the first of which our loyal readers will no doubt notice immediately. Our ‘Annual Review’ title has now been replaced by the ‘5th Edition’ title. For 2016, we will present the ‘Sixth Edition’ and so on.

The report this year follows a similar (but not duplicate) format as previous publications, and each successive edition will adopt a new, topical discussion.

For 2015, that discussion is focused on 3D: three-dimensional design; 3D sampling; and high-fidelity digital marketing. The true scope of 3D working for apparel, footwear and accessories is the subject of many of our exclusive features. And, in addition to the usual PLM vendor and consultancy profiles, this report includes profiles for key 3D solution vendors.

The decision to focus on 3D this year was driven by the explosion of interest we have seen recently from our loyal readers and the market at large in 3D design, sampling and marketing tools – particularly where they integrate with PLM.

This does not, however, mean that our focus has shifted away from core PLM. We have built a business on it, after all. This 5th Edition includes several features examining PLM’s place in the modern enterprise, and the market intelligence is exclusively focused on core PLM adoption, as with previous years.

Interest has been strong in the build-up to this year’s publication. And we believe that the wait will have been more than worth it, since the 5th Edition contains more editorial content, more interviews, more end user feedback, and more intelligence than ever before!

As with previous years, the report opens with a scene-setting introduction from our CEO, and then collects a myriad brand new editorial pieces. This year, our editorial examination of 3D working includes perspectives from vendors like Browzwear, Optitex, Gerber Technology, Lectra, Dassault Systèmes and Alvanon, and from retailers like Target and Tesco.  We also collected opinions from haute couture designers, watch designers, and several startups who are experimenting with potential futures for 3D design and manufacture.

More retailers and brands than ever before have taken part in our farthest-reaching end user survey to date, providing their unvarnished feedback on the real experience of shortlisting, selecting, implementing and working with PLM day in and day out, as well as their involvement (or lack thereof) with supporting solutions and/or modules including 3D, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Their responses are presented alongside WhichPLM’s own detailed analysis of the trends they represent, with a comparison to last year’s results where applicable.

These results are followed by detailed profiles of the retail, footwear and apparel industry’s key PLM vendors – each of whom provided insight into their business operations, product investment, customer growth in 2014/15, and what they believe sets their products and people apart from the competition. This year, those profiles include the following vendors: Centric Software, Dassault Systèmes, Gerber Technology, Human Solutions Group, Infor, Koppermann GmbH, Lectra, New Generation Computing (NGC), PTC, TXT Retail, and Visual 2000 International.

These profiles are followed by some of the industry’s key consultants & implementers (Kalypso, PDP, and Ptex Solutions), and – new for 2015 – those of the key 3D players for fashion: Browzwear, Dassault Systèmes, Gerber Technology Human Solutions Group, Lectra, Optitex, and Tukatech.

Finally, our in-house expert advisors present a bounty of exclusive market intelligence and analysis, looking at the PLM market for retail, footwear and apparel in terms of growth by region and by customer tier when compared to last year’s financial year, and reflecting on the various trends that have shaped our industry in 2015 and will continue to do so.

Using only the finest professional printing techniques, a print edition of the ‘WhichPLM Report: 5th Edition’ is the only place you’ll find all of this exclusive content – the most insightful, complete, and comprehensive picture assembled to date of PLM and 3D for the retail, footwear and apparel industry. This year’s publication contains something for everyone.

The 5th Edition is available to order today.  A significant portion of our initial print allocation has already been pre-ordered, so if you’re interested in obtaining your physical copy of this year’s fashion PLM bible before the end of the year, we advise you to order quickly. A second print run may be commissioned in early 2016, pending demand.

Whether you are just beginning a PLM or 3D project, or simply want to understand the shape and scope of the market, the WhichPLM Report: 5th Edition is the clearest, most complete guide around. As well as reading up on the various PLM and/or 3D solutions available to you, this publication will also allow you to investigate those advisors and implementers who could help you throughout your journey.

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Lydia Mageean Lydia Mageean has been part of the WhichPLM team for eight years now. She has a creative and media background, and is responsible for maintaining and updating our website content, liaising with advertisers, working on special projects like our PLM Project Pack, or our Annual Publications, and more.Joining mid-2013 as our Online Editor, she has since become WhichPLM’s Editor. In addition to taking on writing and interviewing responsibilities, Lydia has also become the primary point of contact for news, events, features and other aspects of our ever-growing online content library and tools.