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WhichPLM talks to Bill Brewster about Gerber acquisition of Yunique


(WHICHPLM, JANUARY 08, 2010) In light of the news early last month that Yunique Solutions were acquired by Gerber Scientific, to become part of Gerber Technology, providing an advanced PLM software offering to the apparel/retail industries, WhichPLM caught up with Bill Brewster, VP-Global Marketing & Product Management at Gerber Technology, to get an insight into what the news means for current PLM customers and new ones…

Bill Brewster

Is Gerber going to continue to support webPDM?

Gerber Technology is committed to continuing to protect and extend our current customer’s software investment.  To this end, we will continue to provide enhancements, support, and maintenance releases for webPDM for the foreseeable future.

Which operations will be affected by the recent redundancies? 

The redundancies that occurred only affected a few developers who were dedicated to internal development of the Next Generation webPDM platform that is no longer moving forward; therefore, no operations will be adversely affected.  Customers will continue to call the offices they have always contacted for support and the appropriate responses, escalations, and resolutions will transpire.

Will webPDM customers be upgraded to the Yunique PLM solution for free? Is there going to be a ‘data migration’ utility to facilitate this? 

Gerber Technology will work with each customer individually to structure the right plan for their upgrade requirements.  As a general guideline, for webPDM customers current on their maintenance plan that want to upgrade to YuniquePLM, there will be nominal costs associated with licensing, training and system configuration. GT’s goal is to make this a seamless and painless transition to the Future of PLM.

We are developing a Data Conversion Engine that will make moving to the new platform more efficient.  We will need to work with our customers administrators and IT department to map their data to the new platform to ensure a smooth migration.

Customers are encouraged to contact their Account Executive to discuss further and to set-up some time for an evaluation. 

How will the Yunique PLM solution be incorporated under Gerber Technology branding and umbrella of solutions?

Branding for the combined PLM solution has not yet been released.  Yunique Solutions Inc will be absorbed into the Gerber Software Systems Group and the name Yunique Solutions will not continue forward. Product branding will be determined in the near term. There will be teams of people with expertise in each product offering for customers to contact.

For long term purposes, there will be one number to contact for PLM support regardless if it is for the webPDM suite or if it is for the combined PLM solution.

Gerber’s Software Systems Group was created with the primary focus of helping our customers deliver products to market in less time with reduced cost. The acquisition into this GT group will ensure that Gerber provides an innovative end-to-end solution with user productivity and enterprise connectivity at its core while continuing to leverage GT’s presence in 126 countries and more than 40 years in technology.

How is Yunique PLM going to be integrated with Gerber Technology’s other product lines (design, marker-making, etc)?

Comprehensive system integration has been and will continue to be a cornerstone of our approach to product lifecycle management. Therefore, integration between YuniquePLM and our other product lines is on our product roadmap and we expect a more functional integration to be developed over the next 2-18 months. We will continue to include the voice of our customers in this functionality.

Will customers in the contract negotiation stages with WebPDM, be offered the Yunique PLM solution?

We are committed to providing the solution that best fits the needs of our customers, while being true to our creed that we will protect and extend their investment in GT.  New customers in contract negotiation stages with webPDM will be offered the combined PLM solution immediately.  Customers are encouraged to contact their Account Executive so they can help them determine the proper next steps.

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