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WhichPLM Team Verdict on Lectra Fashion PLM


One of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative 2D/3D design and CAD/CAM solutions for the Apparel industry, Lectra has been supplying technology solutions to the Apparel sector for over 35 years. Lectra has always been an innovative company with great market presence and with a strong mission to design and deliver exciting solutions for the Retail and Fashion space.

Most recently, Lectra decided to upgrade its current PLM solution, which is used by hundreds of companies around the world, to enter into the premier league of PLM suppliers. We have to say that the WhichPLM team were extremely impressed with the new PLM solution including the new and old team of Apparel experts. This is a real example of where a company can leap frog its competition by going back to the drawing board and rebuilding a system based on their investigations and feedback from their customers and industry experts.

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With its headquarters located in one of the world’s fashion capitals, Paris, and with a further 31 fully owned subsidiaries located around the globe. The largest offices are located in France, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, USA and China. Lectra employ just over 1400 people that are focused on serving the Apparel sector. Commercially, this is a sound business with sales in the region of $214 million and a customer base of 20,000 companies located in 100 countries around the globe. The product portfolio includes 2D,3D,CAD/CAM all now operating under the umbrella of PLM.


The PLM solution has been built on a J2EE platform and is one of the broadest and deepest PLM solutions in the industry to date. Includes a set of libraries offering rich reference data, which is extremely important if you need to keep cost to a minimum and to enable a realistic go-live of six to nine months subject to complexity of your organisation.

Although the solution has only recently been released to the market, we have to say that it offers a broad set of processes with deep functionality and takes advantage of integration to Adobe Illustrator as well as integrating deeply into its 2D/3D and CAD (Pattern Development & Marker Making) solutions, which is something only Lectra and companies like Gerber Technology can deliver, based on the fact that they own the native file formats of their CAD/CAM offerings. This is a strong solution and comes highly recommended. We expect Lectra’s new PLM offering to compete head on with the leading global PLM solution providers.


From a technical standpoint, the PLM solution again scores highly, built on the latest J2EE platform, offering a choice of both SQL & Oracle and with several sophisticated supporting tools. Over the three day benchmark, the system deliver good quality performance with zero down time.


Overall, one of the best PLM solutions on the market to date, it’s obvious Lectra have been working hard to deliver a quality PLM solution and I’m certain that they have been doing plenty of homework based on feedback from its traditional PDM customers and on lessons learnt in the recent past.  Overall a very good solution aimed squarely at Retail, Brands, Agents, Textiles, Footwear and Manufacturing companies.

Ben Hanson Ben Hanson is one of WhichPLM’s top contributors. Ben has worked for magazines, newspapers, local government agencies, multi-million pound conservation projects, museums and creative publications before his eventual migration to the Retail, Footwear and Apparel industry.Having previously served as WhichPLM’s Editor, Ben knows the WhichPLM style, and has been responsible for many of our on-the-ground reports and interviews over the last few years. With a background in literature, marketing and communications, Ben has more than a decade’s worth of experience, and is now viewed as one of the industry’s best-known writers.