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WhichPLM Team Verdict on Visual 2000 Fashion PLM


Based in Montreal, Visual 2000 is another one of the few companies with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) background.

The Company

The owner of the business has a long history in the Apparel industry having worked in his father’s business for many years before founding his own Apparel software solutions company. Today Visual 2000 has over 450 ERP customers located within Canada and the USA and around 20 PLM customers located in the same regions.

Most of its present customers tend to be within the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) size frame, but see no reason why larger enterprise companies would not consider Visual 2000.


Their PLM solution scored well during the benchmark and is highly flexible in the majority of process area’s overall.

WhichPLM High Level Evaluation Scores
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Developed on the .NET framework Visual 2000 is technically strong using many of Microsoft’s advanced features such as AJAX. During the benchmark the system’s performance was good with no technical issues.


Overall, Visual 2000 is a strong contender within the PLM market and certainly one that we would recommend to potential buyers. Our only concern would be that ability to implement and support on a global basis and this we expect some positive news in the coming months ahead.

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