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WhichPLM verdict on Patternworks PLM Solution


With its headquarters located in Fountain Valley, California, Patternworks operates a successful pattern and design bureau service supporting retail, brands and manufacturing companies across the USA. In order to improve efficiency, the management team embarked on the development of an in-house solution to minimise data input and to collaborate with their client base. Over the last two years, Patternworks have continued to develop the solution into what is today a PDM (Product Data Management) solution named StyleFile. During our evaluation of their software, we uncovered an interesting fact; unlike other PDM/PLM solution developers, Patternworks use their own solution on a daily basis, which is one of the best possible quality assurance procedures in place!

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Patternworks is a small operation with approximately 20+ people; the solution development design comes under the control of Lorraine Palermo co-founder, FIDM graduate with 25 years of experience in the Apparel Industry having worked on behalf of other leading PDM/PLM suppliers.


The StyleFile solution appears easy to use with a simple, friendly user interface (UI). Users have the ability to make basic edits to the UI with coloured skins and widgets, which, according to customers, is one of their many strong points. The solution comes with a basic workflow which allows users to manage their design and technical development process via their daily TDL (To Do List) which is part of what they call their ‘work dock’. As you can imagine, with the bulk of their bureau work being linked to technical specifications, the solution offers deep technical abilities around product specifications, grading, size charts, BOM (Bill Of Materials), basic elements of BOL (Bill Of Labour) quality assurance and reporting. To support the PDM element of the solution, the use of library reference data is available to users for materials, trims and points of measure. Furthermore, the solution has the ability to work with multiple CAD file formats to share pattern data, markers, graded nest, and N.C. (Numerically Controlled) cut data and images.


The technology stack is based on Microsoft.Net framework using SQL and Oracle databases and is currently being ported to a pure web platform. Today the solution operates on a client server platform using a simple web portal to enable full collaboration. Including: Windows XP SP2 or greater with .Net Framework 3.5. – Windows OS  Server supported Databases: MS SQL, MS Jet (Access), Advantage Data Architect v8.1, SQL Anywhere 8/9, Sybase Adaptive Server 12, DB2 8.1.9, Firebird 2.0, MySQL Server 4.1/5.0, Oracle 9i/10g, Persasive SQL 8.1, SQLite 3, VistaDB 3.0


License pricing comes in at just under US $1000 per seat, covering all modules.

Patternworks is a strong candidate for any future PDM prospect, looking for a good PDM solution based on the SME (small to medium enterprise) market. The WhichPLM team were impressed with the level of professionalism and depth of knowledge shown by the Patternworks team and look forward to re-evaluating their next release.

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