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World Fashion Exchange (WFX) partners with UserEase Consulting


UserEase Consulting will be promoting all WFX Cloud products – ERP II, PLM, SCM, PPC, Financials, PDM and EDI to the AFA Industries in Asia Pacific Region to start with and then move towards promoting them in Europe, USA and the rest of the world in due course.

Over the past 12 years, WFX has implemented technology products with hundreds of Apparel businesses, crossing 9000 users across 14 countries. Launching wfxcloud.com, has enabled WFX to bring something very unique to the Apparel market; an all-in-one cost-effective solution. WFX Cloud products are so easy and simple that even smaller manufacturers, traders and buying agents can benefit from integrated solutions and compete with bigger companies on a global level. WFX’s Cloud Computing is an innovative distribution model where applications are hosted by the service provider and made available on the internet cloud over the web.

WFX is a pioneer in this space and the first company globally to offer cloud solutions to Apparel businesses. UserEase Consulting is one of the first players to offer Apparel Consulting services in India since 1984.

The combination of UserEase’s experience in the Apparel & Home Fashions and WFX’s award winning products represents a great partnership which will add value to the world Apparel industry as we take the concept & benefits of the “cloud” to the industry.

The owner of UserEase Consulting, Mr Sunil Arora, is a veteran in the business of developing & implementing ERP / SCM solutions to the Fashion Industries for over 25 years. UserEase has experience of implementing Apparel ERP solutions across 200 manufacturers & Exporters of high fashion garments in India and adjoining countries. His experience is unmatched in the fields of Consulting, Solution Providing & Education. His achievements in the Fashion Education with NIFT & other Fashion Institutes of the world, as an educationist are equally remarkable.

WFXCloud.com is the world’s first Enterprise Resource Planning software exclusively for the Fashion Industry, On Cloud Computing. This software manages the entire fashion product lifecycle, from order management to billing, and from production planning to inventory control. WFX plans resources efficiently, within budget and across all offices and locations.

For more information, visit www.wfxcloud.com & www.worldfashionexchange.com

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