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YuniquePLM™ Accelerates Lafodex’s Product Development Process


Implementation Eases Standardization of Processes, Quality for French Apparel Manufacturer

NEW YORK – French apparel manufacturer Lafodex SA® has implemented YuniquePLM™ to accelerate their workflow and reduce errors. Lafodex chose to standardize the design and manufacturing processes throughout their operations by incorporating YuniquePLM along with a fully integrated ERP system.

YuniquePLM, designed specifically for the fashion and retail industries, features robust functionality in a web-based platform that seamlessly integrates with various ERP systems. Teams around the world can communicate more effectively, accelerate their workflows and reduce errors.

Lafodex manufactures high-quality professional and protective wear for working environments. Prior to implementation of YuniquePLM, the company used spreadsheets and other written documents to manage their product line. Because much of the information was disparate, effective collaboration was difficult to achieve, with data often entered more than once. Lafodex chose the Yunique system to improve collaboration and meet its growing technical and design objectives. Lafodex implemented the YuniquePLM solution concurrently with its new ERP system.

“Using YuniquePLM for pre-production and quality control purposes were key points to improve our processes,” said Lafodex President Regis Delobre. “Yunique is providing the structure and visibility necessary to meet and exceed standardized and quality normalization guidelines (ISO) for the industry.”

The company has realized many benefits since the implementation, including “ease of use, robust features and having a global support team in partnership with experts in the apparel industry,” said Delobre. “Having transitioned from manual databases, our team now has a central platform with Adobe® product and CAD integration, costing management and multi-dimensional bill of material capabilities.”

Bill Brewster, vice president and general manager of Yunique Solutions, said, “With YuniquePLM, Lafodex is now able to make informed choices to ensure the utmost quality and streamline its processes, ultimately saving time and cost. Our out-of-the-box solution enabled a faster implementation time for Lafodex, while still offering full integration with their ERP of choice and CAD system.”

About Lafodex

Located near Lyon, France, Lafodex has supplied the working industry since 1923. The company’s product lines include occupational clothing, protective and professional wear, providing work wear for a wide variety of services and industries.

About Yunique Solutions

Yunique Solutions is the product lifecycle management business unit of Gerber Technology. YuniquePLM and webPDM software enables organizations to connect their creative teams with their supply chain to get the right products to market, on time and at the right cost. These systems can help businesses of all sizes accelerate time to market, reduce lead time and improve margins by managing the details of line plans, tech packs and samples and simplifying communication and collaboration with global partners.

About Gerber Technology

For nearly 50 years, Gerber Technology has been the world leader in providing integrated solutions to help its customers automate and more effectively manage product design and manufacturing processes. The company serves 25,000 customers, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, in the aerospace, apparel, retail, composites, packaging, furniture, technical textiles and transportation interiors industries in 130 countries.

Based in Connecticut, USA, Gerber Technology is owned by Vector Capital, a San Francisco-based, global private equity firm specializing in the technology sector that manages more than $2 billion of equity capital.

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