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Zweave’s Zdesign PLM Selected by Concept to Market


Zweave’s Zdesign PLM Selected by Concept to Market (C2m), Hong Kong Based Full Service Design and Manufacturing Facility.

(NEW YORK, NY, NOVEMBER 11, 2008) Zweave, Inc. today announced that Concept2Market HK Ltd (C2m), a Hong Kong-based, full Design and Manufacturing Service has selected Zdesign On-demand as it’s PLM platform.

Zweave’s solution is designed by product design, development and sourcing experts for product design, development and sourcing experts. Zweave’s On-Demand technology enables clients to overcome the many costs and challenges associated with implementing PLM. Zweave customers pay less for software, implement faster and benefit from more efficient design and manufacturing processes.

Concept2Market HK Ltd (C2m)

Concept2Market HK Ltd (C2m) offers an end-to-end solution for apparel design, sourcing and manufacturing. Headquartered in Hong Kong, C2m provides fabric, print and trend direction, printing and CAD services and manufactures for leading U.S and European brands. C2m has subscribed to Zdesign On-demand’s integrated product suite for trend, material, color, fit, design, sourcing, sampling, costing and production management. Tony Cooper, CEO of C2m said, “Zweave’s software was built to manage a business like ours in which we collaborate intensively with the factory, suppliers and clients. We needed a PLM product that could support our intensely visual product development business.” Recently merged with Nanhai Yee Fung Fashions Ltd. a WRAP certified factory based in Nanhai, China the company's products include knit and woven tops, dresses, sleepwear and bottoms for both ladies and menswear markets. C2m’s mission is to produce garments to meet the design, technical & quality specifications of its customers in an ethical environment. With production methods that meet high international compliance and HR standards C2m brings its clients creativity, efficiency and flexibility in order to build strong long-term relationships.

“Our customers browse libraries of inspiration and move from concept to sample in a matter of days. In evaluating PLM software vendors to partner with, our selection criteria included three key objectives: a scalable, flexible product that would take less then three months to implement, templates and processes that support apparel and a truly collaborative platform where our vendors, suppliers and customers can easily participate in the product lifecycle. Zdesign addresses these needs and we are excited that we can support our growth with best practices and a strong PLM foundation.”

On-demand PLM from Zweave

According to Laura McCann-Ramsey, Zweave’s CEO, “C2m’s team understands product development and sourcing. They have worked with the biggest vertical retailers and manufacturers. This is a serious business where days make a difference. The end game is to behave like a vertical organization with your customers and partners and perform each time” says. Our approach to PLM allows our clients to deploy rapidly with a phased approach at a cost they can’t beat. Companies whose core competency is product development, marketing and distribution do not have to become technologists to implement PLM and spend enormous amounts of their budget, resources and time on implementing our software or buying licenses and hardware. We believe the market wants what they need, how they need it, when they need it. On-demand PLM delivers this and more.”

“Zdesign on-demand addresses the top five product development challenges of product development organizations: Easy to use and affordable software, outsourced or in-house Hosting and Services, collaboration and accountability between merchandising, design, and sourcing activities, cost reduction of product development activities and reduced product development cycle times,” says David Buck, Zweave’s Chief Technology Officer. “As we support C2m and its extended development team we will change the way they work and give them efficiencies that have only been available to the largest players in the industry.”

For more information visit: www.zweave.com.

WhichPLM Evaluated

The Zweave Product Lifecycle Management Solution has recently been evaluated by WhichPLM experts. Visit the PLM Suppliers page or contact WhichPLM at: info@whichplm.com for more information on the scoring results.

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